Three-Dimensional and Conventional Carotid Ultrasound for Assessment of Carotid Plaque in a Stroke Patient: A Simple Way to Validate Findings

Kalashyan H, Saqqur M, Becher H, O’Kelly C, Romanchuk H, Khan K, Jeerakathil T, Wassef A, Shuaib A

Can J Cardiol 2017 03;33(3):412.e1-412.e3

PMID: 28232021


Single-sweep automated 3-D ultrasound is a new imaging modality for the assessment of carotid plaque. Its most important application is the measurement of the plaque volume. To our knowledge, to date there is not a widely accepted “gold standard” to validate 3-D plaque volume measurement. We compared the findings of 2-dimensional and 3-D carotid ultrasound imaging with those of postsurgical plaque specimen using a simple method.