Cardiovascular Ultrasound Equipment

Philips EPIQ
Voyager_main EPIQ features one of the most powerful architectures ever applied to ultrasound imaging – touching all aspects of acoustic acquisition and processing. EPIQ platform delivers more clarity, detail and certainty than ever before.
Philips IE 33
Combining unprecedented 2D and 3D image quality in the same transducer and a host of easy-to-use quantification, clinical performance, and information management tools, the new iE33 xMATRIX echo system addresses the clinical needs of managing patients with cardiac disease, including heart failure, valvular disease, and congenital heart disease.
Philips iU22
philips ie 33 The Philips iU22 xMATRIX ultrasound system is premium performance ultrasound. Unique xMATRIX technology on the X6-1 PureWave transducer delivers crisp, high-resolution images of even technically challenging patients.
GE Vivid 7
ge_vivid_7 The GE Vivid 7 provides new tools for detecting and diagnosing heart conditions in patients. It offers clear, detailed and remarkably life like images and it’s ergonomic design makes it the ultrasound of choice for cardiovascular clinicians.
Toshiba Artida
toshiba_artida Enclosing all new parameters with 4D Wall Motion Tracking enabling to do real 3D based LV analysis on the raw data volumes acquired. The analysis on the real 3D data volumes enables new analysis providing parameters not available before. The 3D Wall Motion Tracking analysis is available not only for the LV but all cardiac cavities. The Artida 4D version provides all other outstanding workflow and ergonomics features as available in Artida 2D.